CASICS (Cannabis Screening and Brief Intervention for College Students)

What is CASICS?

The goal of CASICS at Missouri S&T is to motivate students to reduce risky behaviors associated with marijuana consumption.  CASICS will provide you with a structured opportunity to assess your own risk, identify potential changes that could work for you, and help you to reduce your risk for developing future problems.

The CASICS program consists of two 60-minute sessions held within two weeks of each other; the first session includes marijuana education and screening,  the second session provides personalized feedback about marijuana use, risk, protective factors, and consequences experienced, as well as norms clarification, ways to reduce future risks, and options to assist in making changes.


CASICS is designed for any student who seeks to develop marijuana skills to become more knowledgeable about reducing harmful consumption and associated problems. Participation in CASICS is also designed to assist students who smoke heavily and are experiencing negative consequences as a result of their high risk of smoking. CASICS referrals may be made by any member of the campus community - simply contact, Student Wellness, 341.4225 or the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs,; students may also voluntarily attend CASICS.

What to Expect

CASICS involves two sessions with a health educator or counselor.

Session 1: A 60-minute appointment where you will receive information about the program. This will be a one-on-one session with health educator or couselor You must register for session 1.

Session 2: Based on the data collected in the questionnaire, you will receive a feedback profile that provides personalized information about your use of marijuana. You will review the feedback profile in a one-on-one session lasting approximately 60 minutes. We will work with you to schedule the session at a time that fits with your schedule.