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Student Wellness promotes healthy behaviors to foster a campus environment conducive to academic, professional, and personal success.

Wellness is an active, continuing process of becoming more aware of and making choices towards a fulfilling, thriving life (National Wellness institute). It is crucial to address both individual and environmental influences on health and well-being. An environmental approach recognizes that individuals are influenced by the behaviors of others as well as the availability of resources.

Student Wellness promotes a multi-dimensional model of wellness through use of a variety of strategies. Efforts are guided by research, theory, and best practices.  We implement initiatives that address each of the dimensions of wellness.  Student Wellness provides prevention and early intervention strategies that promote self-management and enhance students’ resiliency.  Student Wellness seeks to create career-ready graduates by providing experiential learning opportunities through Joe’s PEERS and Peer Wellness Educators.

At its core, health promotion works to prevent the development of personal and campus population-level health problems, while enhancing individual, group and institutional health and safety. Effective practice of health promotion in higher education requires professionals to understand and apply a socioecological approach.

"Wellness is about being positive and proactive. Wellness is preventive. Wellness is optimistic. Wellness is never-ending. Wellness is a journey."    David S. Anderson


Joe's PEERS 2016-2017

Focus Areas

Student Wellness provides students education, information and resources on:
 > Alcohol & Other Drug Prevention
 > Stress Management & Mental Health Promotion
 > Violence Prevention
 > Healthy Relationships & Sexual Health
 > Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, & Sleep


Upcoming Events

Please verify dates of the events as they have changed as of April 3.  Below are the correct dates.


26th Push-up Contest @ Havener Atrium from 11am - 1pm.

28th Philanthropy Fair between Library and Puck from 11am - 2pm


3rd Miner Well Stress Management @ Havener from 11am to 1pm in the Atruim

5th Miner Well - Denim Day - outside of Havener from 11am to 1pm

Counseling, Disability Support, and Student Wellness Outreach Programming

Joe's PEERS and Student Wellness provide trainings, programs, and many other types of outreach to the S&T campus. For a list of outreach descriptions, see below. Please make requests at least two weeks in advance. A staff member will follow up with your request as soon as it is processed.

Student Wellness Report 2015-2016

Alcohol Education

Meet Mak the Mole