Counseling, Disability Support, and Student Wellness Outreach Programming

CDSW provides trainings, programs, and many other types of outreach to the S&T campus. For a list of outreach descriptions, see below. Please make requests at least two weeks in advance. A staff member will follow up with the request as soon as it is processed.

Outreach Descriptions


Length: 2 hours

Attendance requirements: 10-30

STEP UP! is Missouri S&T’s bystander intervention training and pro-social movement. It is a behavioral and educational program that aims to raise awareness of helping behaviors, increase motivation to help, develop skills and confidence when responding to problems or concerns, and ensure the safety and well-being of self and others.   

Length: 50 minutes

Presentation includes general information about alcohol in a “game show” environment.

Length: 50 minutes

Presentation includes general information about concussions and campus resources in a “game show” environment.

Length: 50 minutes

Presentation focuses on consent, sexually transmitted disease awareness, and healthy sexuality in a “game show” environment.

Length: 50 minutes

Are you constantly grabbing fast food or stuck in a rut of having mac and cheese every day? Find out how you can plan easy, well-balanced meals that are delicious and nutritious to make. Discover tips and techniques for meal planning, grocery shopping, label reading and eating healthy on a budget

Length: 30-50 minutes

College can be stressful trying to balance studying with all of your other extra activities. Identify what triggers stress and learn different ways to reduce your stress level in any situation.

Length: 30 minutes
Abuse of prescription drugs has reached epidemic levels across the country. Learn the dangers of non-medical use of prescription drugs, other tips for academic success, and other facts about prescription drug abuse

An interactive session focused on what motivates people and how to harness those characteristics to improve performance

Overview of services and programs our department offers

Dispelling myths about what anger really is and isn’t; introduction to alternative methods to manage stress and de-escalate conflict

Basic introduction to assertiveness and practice using simple models for meeting individual needs and resolving/managing conflict

Exploration of personality styles and possible impact on teams; offers tools for increased cooperation and conflict resolution

Introduction to the Holland Code and career preparation “to do” list for each year of college

Interactive presentation tailored to group needs

Common types of avoidant behaviors and what to do to overcome the barriers

Coping with demands; review of environmental, physical, emotional, and intellectual tools to survive and thrive

What are characteristics of healthy relationships and what are the danger signs or “red flags” for unhealthy ones?

How to survive and cope

Coping with performance anxiety related to academic success

A CDSW representative will be present for your tabling event or booth.

If you have a specific educational need we can create or tailor a presentation for your class or group. Please allow 3 weeks lead time for special requests.