Learn Well - Be Well - Stay Well - Miner Well

JOE’S PEERS promotes health and wellness by providing education, encouragement,and resources to Missouri S&T students.

Joe’s PEERS (JP) is a student leadership organization. JPs will develop experience in public speaking, interpersonal communication, self-management, teamwork and act as resource persons to the campus community on topics such as: 

Alcohol and Other Drugs  Prescription Drug Misuse  Tobacco  Sexualized Violence  Stress Management  Mental Health  Nutrition and Physical Activity  Sexual Health


Member Expectations

Time Commitment:

  1. 3-5 hours/week
    • Weekly meetings – 1 hour
    • Office hours (event prep, etc.) – 1-2 hours
    • Events – 2-3 hours

Attendance & Participation:

  1. Lead or co-lead 1 event each semester
  2. Help with all large scale events
  3. Host/volunteer for tabling events throughout the year (Members are responsible for finding a replacement for any shift or event that cannot be attended but have previously committed to)
  4. Attend weekly meetings (Absences from weekly meetings/events must be pre-approved and excused; disregard of this expectation will result in a review meeting with the Joe’s PEERS advisor)
  5. Take minutes for 1 weekly meeting each semester
  6. Review meeting minutes each week

Training & Team-Building:

  1. Certified Peer Educator training must be completed 1 time during duration of Joe’s PEERS membership
  2. Attend special topics training throughout each year
  3. Team-building activities 1-2 times per semester

Peer Educator Promise:

  1. Joe’s PEERS are role models to fellow students. JP members should lead by example (in person and on social media) and avoid high-risk behavior related to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sexualized violence, etc. Members struggling with any of these issues should consult the Joe’s PEERS advisor.
  2. Members are expected to be respectful of other members of the group, guest speakers, and each member of the campus community. Joe’s PEERS are inclusive to all others and act with intentional kindness.
  3. Joe’s PEERS are expected to have a good general knowledge of campus and community resources that relate to wellness in order to provide education and act as a resource for other students.

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